Exhibition designers design and organise the construction and installation of trade exhibitions, permanent shop displays, museum exhibits and interpretive displays.

They use skills drawn from graphic, industrial (product) and interior design to attract, inform and involve an audience in the subjects that their clients employ them to present.

In general there is no specialised course leading to this occupation. Designers who have trained in industrial or product design, graphic design, interior design and digital areas like multimedia and web design all find roles in this occupation. Industrial designers use their ability to design form and mechanical detail, interior designers use their ability to design the function and aesthetic of spaces for human occupation, graphic designers use their skill at presenting messages in visual form.

ANZSCO (2006) occupation code - no unique code. Refer to industrial designer ANZSCO 232312, interior designer ANZSCO 232511, graphic designer ANZSCO 232411.

What you’ll study

Refer to the study content of Industrial Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design.

Where you’ll work

  • Exhibition and Trade Display Businesses
  • Museum and Cultural Institution Design Teams
  • Interior Design Consultancies (specialising in museum work)
  • Interior Design Consultancies (specialising in retail shop interiors)
  • Department Store Display Departments
  • Self Employed

Other areas you’ll find work

  • Theatre
  • Movie Set Production
  • Television Set Production