Jewellery designers conceptualise, prototype and detail for manufacture items of jewellery such as rings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces, watches, eyewear and ear rings.

They have specialised knowledge of the metals, jewels, precious stones and other materials associated with personal adornment. They may develop designs for mass or batch production or they may develop special items to satisfy one-off commissions. They may also design other objects that use precious metals and jewelled decoration such as trophies, goblets, silverware and cutlery.

They explore solutions to meet marketing, manufacturing and financial requirements and arrive at the optimum design of a product. They consider both functional and aesthetic aspects and pay particular attention to ergonomics, those factors that relate to the use of the item on the human form.

They prepare models and prototypes to demonstrate and test products. They prepare drawings and illustrations of products to assist in the decision making process and support marketing efforts.

They select components and materials, resolve assembly and manufacturing details and, if they are working in a mass production environment, produce digital and documentary instructions for others involved in the manufacturing process. They organise and oversee tooling to prepare for production and develop and oversee subsequent adjustments and refinements to the product.

Jewellery designers may be employed within manufacturing companies specialising in jewellery, or other decorative personal and home wares such as silverware, cutlery, eyewear, watches and trophies. Jewellery designers may also work in jewellery shops where custom and small batch production or repairs and adjustments are done. Some operate as independent designer/makers producing custom designs for clients or batches of jewellery for small retail outlets.

ANZSCO (2006) occupation code 232313.

What you’ll study

  • Design Theory & Practice
  • Communication Skills
  • Manufacturing Materials
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Workshop Practice
  • Design History
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Business Management

Where you’ll work

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Manufacturing Jewellers
  • Designer/Maker Workshops
  • Self Employed

Other areas you’ll find work

  • Retail Jewellery
  • Jewellery Repairs and Adjustments