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The Queensland Branch of the Design Institute of Australia is the voice of professional design in Queensland.

The Queensland Branch of the Design Institute of Australia is the voice of professional design in Queensland. We are actively working with community, government, business, industry and education sectors within the industries of manufacturing, product, fashion, built environment, communications, business and many more.

The Queensland branch is also highly active in the areas of education and socially responsible design. Education programs in Queensland are supported by our student council, TARMAC. TARMAC is a Queensland program specifically tailored to assist emerging designers launch their careers and forge important networks and relationships with local and international design leaders.

Our vision is to raise awareness and increase the profile of the design profession within the community. We want to establish Queensland as an epicentre of design innovation and creativity - where the contribution of leading Queensland designers is recognised.

We believe in the power and potential of design and encourage everyone to share our vision.



Council Members

  • Paul Turley MDIA
    QLD Chair; National Councillor

    Paul entered the design industry three years ago with a passion and drive for achieving client satisfaction. He is passionate about design education and mentoring the next generation of designers.

    Paul holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Microbiology & Biochemistry), a Master of Social Science (Political Economy), and a Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Commercial/Interior Design) from Torrens University (Billy Blue College of Design).

    With a background in medical research, Paul embraces a multidisciplinary approach to design thinking, and values the combination of scientific and creative approaches to projects.

    He currently works as an interior design academic with Griffith University and as an interior designer and design communicator. He has served on the DIA Queensland Branch Council since 2017.

  • Rosaline De Waal
    QLD Deputy Chair; National Councillor

    French-South African born Roz is the perfect mix bag of left and right brain. Starting her career in Law, she moved quickly into the luxury travel arena and language acquisition training, this led to the move to Australia and her long-suppressed passion for design. Having lived in many cultures and places, Roz has a multifaceted culturally aware approach to design. She is the better half of the Duo that is Unlmtd and adores uncovering the why in everything. Selcouth sees Roz break into a niche of her own, beyond the Art Consultancy in an opportunity to further her design career.

    Her love for the design industry is evident in her involvement, as Deputy Chair for the Queensland Branch of the Design Institute of Australia, Roz is very active and passionate about furthering the design industry and believes strongly that design should go beyond the design industry and infiltrate business and government to further design thinking.

  • Kristen Stoddart
    QLD Branch Manager

  • Christopher Furminger MDIA
    QLD Councillor

    Christopher’s foundation for design was developed while working as a registered carpenter and builder. After completing his architectural studies at the University of Queensland, he is now designing award-winning residential projects with James Russell Architect and sessional teaching at the University of Queensland. Christopher applies his holistic, two speed approach to design: combining a top-down precedent and academic analysis with a bottom-up exploration through making and material. Through this investigation, he designs and makes over a variety of scales including models, furniture, sculpture and internal and external building interventions.

  • Erin McDonald
    QLD Councillor

    Erin is a recent graduate of interior design keen to make her mark on the industry. She is strongly connected to her indigenous heritage which she stays true to through her design practices. She has embarked on an immersive design study tour in New York City where she can draw on this knowledge and experiences. Erin has been affiliated with the DIA throughout her degree where she has been president of the DIA student working group; organising industry events to connect students with industry knowledge. Erin is passionate about giving back to the industry through knowledge, support and collaborative connection in all aspects. Her passion is pushing those boundaries in the industry and enabling growth and support through all avenues of design.

  • Daniel Spat MDIA
    QLD Councillor

    With over a decade of print and digital design experience, Dan is a confident and passionate Graphic and User Interface designer.

    He is passionate about design thinking and exploring project viability for new platforms or marketing in new channels. Delivering effective content for presentations, both visually and verbally, Dan takes communication in his stride.

    There have been few applications he has not designed for, however; print based advertising, catalogues, corporate stationery, retail signage and website overhauls are part of his day-to-day.

    His most recent key accomplishment are several feature presentations for the Department of Human Services explaining complex processes and important milestones.

    As a member of the Design Institute of Australia, Dan hopes to mentor, advocate and educate engaged students and working Queensland (and Australian) designers across all disciplines. He believes the role of design should be considered in every business, Dan wishes more design jobs to be considered and created now and for the future.

  • Kacey Weber MDIA
    QLD Councillor

    Kacey graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2012 with a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design).

    She worked in Toowoomba as a lead interior designer, completing projects such as the Toowoomba Hospital refurbishment, which was a finalist in the 2015 Australia and New Zealand Dulux Colour Awards. She has spent the last four years working in Brisbane, serving as lead interior designer on retail fit outs, luxury residences, commercial, education, hospital and hospitality projects.

    Kacey is most passionate about ensuring the enjoyment and satisfaction of the end user, which has led her to her current role on the DIA Queensland Branch, and values the ability to give back to the industry and mentor emerging designers.

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